Namdaemun Room is a banquet hall that can host family events, conferences, and other various events.
Fully equipped with a beam projector and high-quality sound system, the space is capable of satisfying diverse customer needs.

Facilities Information

Area (sqm) 94
Capacity Round Type School Type "U" Shape Type
40~50 30~40 20~22
- Hours: Full Day (9 Hours) / Half Day (4 Hours)
  * Additional fee for additional time
- Complimentary wi-fi, beam projector, and microphone
  *Paid: Polycom, 2 flip charts, laptop computer
- Coffee break (order in increments of 10 guests)
  [Coffee, Cookies, Coffee & Cookie, Coffee & Bread, Coffee & Fruits, Coffee & Sandwich]

Reservation and Information

Facilities & Services

  • · High-speed internet available
  • · Speakerphone rental (Polycom)*
  • · Meeting equipment rental (beam projector)
  • · Laptop computer rental*
  • · Copy, fax, and scanning service*
  • · Parcel delivery service*

    *Paid services
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